EEG Services

EEG services

Tender submissions

  • Creation of individual customer offers
  • Management of offer data
  • Order Processing (internal)
  • Creation of a sales order on the basis of the offer
  • Creating and sending the order confirmation to the customer
  • Administration of order data, if necessary change management


  • Packaging of the goods according to the customer order
  • Verification of delivery (quantity, item) with the order
  • Preparing the shipping documents to the customer
  • Delivery of goods to the customers
  • Notification to the network operator


  • Billing according to the delivery dates and the order


  • Claims Management
  • Processing of receipt of payment
  • Completion process Forwarding the technical notification of the system operator to the network operator

Other services

  • Complaints handling Technical Processing Commercial processing
  • Technical Support help with product questions
  • Telephone consultation (hotline)