FSK Meteotime II

Meteotime II - we deliver the weather.

With our development of the Meteotime weather service, we take responsibility to provide current weather information daily. The data is processed by us and distributed via ERC long-wave transmitter to almost all of Europe.

In cooperation with the European Radio Ripple Control (ERC), HKW-Elektronik GmbH transmits weather forecasts for the European region over the long-wave transmitters DCF 49, DCF 39, BGS 22 Our forecast data are generated by a well-known weather service based on the satellite-based global weather model. The range of applications extends from predictive building and system control to weather stations in the consumer sector. The frequency-modulated (FSK), long wave signal has been used for over 20 years by the ERC for tariff, load and generation management in the energy sector. With the three channels, the system provides robust reception and excellent coverage.

The data are checked for plausibility and compared with the historical experience of professional meteorologists. For small-scale weather forecasts of the meteorological services, the data are set with local readings via an MOS system. Thus, the forecast data are optimized for each region.

The weather data are divided into meteorological regions and can be easily selected through a city and region list. Through the broadcast system, all weather regions can be received at any location in the transmission area.


Albany*, Andorra, Belarus*, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegowina*, Bulgaria*, Denmark, Germany, Frande, Greece*, United Kingdom, Ireland**, Italy, Croatia, Lettland*, Liechtenstein, Litauen*, Luxemburg, Mazedonia*, Moldawia*, Monaco, Netehrlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal**, Romania*, San Marino*, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia-Montenegro*, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain**, Czechia, Ukraina*, Hungary, Vatican

*Only Weather Premium  ** Only Weather Standard