Data service modules

Data service modules

Weather Premium

Weather Premium consists of several services, which can be obtained in various combinations. Such a wide range of services means they are applicable in many areas, for example in building and shutter control, heating and climate control and irrigation control. Of course, the weather services are also ideal for use in consumer products or on information boards.

  • Forecast data for the morning, noon, afternoon and evening (4 x 6h/24h)
  • A new forecast four times daily
  • Weather forecasts for 4 days
    • Weather forecast Plus
    • Wind forecast
    • Inclement weather alerts
  • Weather forecast for 48 hours
    • Temperature forecast
    • Pressure forecast
    • Solar forecast

Forecast air temperature advanced (24 x 1h / 24h) for 4 days:

* Forecast available for the current day and 3 follow days
** Forecast available for the current day and 1 follow day

The heat index describes the perceived temperature acting on the human body and is an expression of the impact on the well being of a person. It is based on the predicted air temperature and humidity.

Cold (wind chill):
Wind chill describes the perceived temperature as a function of the wind speed acting on the human body.

License packages

The data services are available in different license packages. Each license package is tailored to a specific application.

In connection with devices or modules, a unique single license is purchased with a corresponding package.