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Time signal generators

Our time signal generators are offered in two different versions.

Option 1, the ZZG6 is housed in a rugged metal housing. This time signal generator was developed for testing and the development of time signal receivers. It simulates real situations in the field of application by the transmission of pulse sequences for the simple receiver test. The level is adjustable between  µV and dBµV. Transition errors, tolerances of the second marker or bit errors in the log can be simulated. The user can still set transmitter specific bits or an antenna factor. There is also the option to perform a GPS synchronization. The unit can be operated using the device keys or the PC software included.

The time signal generator is ZZG2.1 Version 2. Developed for the transmission of the time signal in exhibition spaces, it can be used to test time signal receivers. The unit can be powered by an internal battery or USB. Via the USB interface, the time signal generator can be easily configured with the PC software. The transmission power can be adjusted via the wheel on the housing. To fine tune make timely lateral adjustments to the time telegram pulses. The lightweight, handy time signal generator ZZG2.1 comes complete with PC software, an AC adapter and a table-top stand.