GPS receiver technology

GPS receiver technology

We are not offering here the whole variety of GPS receiver chip sets, GPS wireless mice or similar, but rather specific solutions for one problem or another faced when using long-wave-based radio clock technology or time bases for HKW time signal generators.

All radio clock applications that are based on the time signal transmitted by long wave need appropriate reception conditions so the signal is received successfully the time is correctly synchronized. Thus, the use of such products is limited to the coverage area of the respective transmitter.

This is too bad, because wireless outdoor clocks in particular, usually providing a visual highlight in parks or in public places, can be used effectively for advertising, or serve as a meeting place but they cannot be used outside the transmitter coverage areas without resorting to a quartz clock.

As one of the possible solutions, HKW offers "intelligent active antennas" whose time base is obtained from the reception of the GPS signal. Assuming a DCF77-compliant output signal is generated, it can then be wired to appropriately prepared DCF77 radio clocks as an analysable input signal.

Other GPS receiver solutions are used to synchronize the time base of our time signal generators, which can be found in the product section "Long wave measuring and test equipment."