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For over 20 years, HKW-Elektronik GmbH from the small village of Seebach, has enjoyed a worldwide reputation. It is internationally known especially for the processing of long-wave information. With the development of specific circuits or for example miniaturization in the field of clock technology, the founding team Reiner Häcker, Klaus Katzmann and Friedhelm Wieg and their experienced staff have positioned HKW in the market as a reliable service line developer for clock making technology.

Recent news

Neue Leistungsmerkmale für Wetterprognose-Station Kompakt (WS-K)

Seit Juni 2015 wird unsere Wetterprognose-Station Kompakt (WS-K) mit einer neuen Firmware-Version (R3.0) ausgeliefert. Damit erlangen die WS-K Geräte eine neue Qualität und Erweiterung der Funktion,...


Weather forecasts in BACnet/IP

The weather forecast station compact the HKW-Elektronik GmbH receives via longwave 2- or 4-day weather forecasts of professional weather services. To exchange data with a master control the unit has...


Compact Weather Forecast Station

We are happy to present our newly developed product: the compact weather forecast station. It is characterized by the following advantages: Professional satellite-based weather forecasts for up to...

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