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Longwave measuring and test equipment

With over 23 years of development experience in the field of long wave receivers and radio clocks, HKW knows which  basic measuring technology and tools are required by the developer of a decoder routine for one of the time signal telegrams and which devices are needed for quality control in the production and function testing of radio clocks.

HKW offers a wide range of test and measurement technologies, designed and produced in-house.

You will find here both time signal generators for development (ZZG6), with settings up to the level of the individual bits of the telegram and easy-to-use, compact time signal generators/transmitters for short-range (ZZG2. 1) use, to provide a usable signal for your radio receiver in an"impaired" environment.
The small, handy, battery-powered field strength meters (FSM), are very practical.  

They can be used by the installation technician to form an impression about the reception situation at the installation site before installing a radio clock receiver thereby allowing correct positioning of the antenna.

Transmit antennas for wireless transmission of generated signals for laboratory use (RAA1, RAA4) are also part of the range, as well as a small shielding box (SB) antenna for sensitivity tests.

As a complement to our time signal generators we offer a wired matching transformer which feeds the generated signal to the application to be tested or to the GPS receiver to synchronize the generator time base.

For frequency adjustment support and testing in the production of ferrite rod antennas, there are complex antenna adjustment devices (AAD), which are very helpful especially when creating multi-band antennas, and also function as a simpler test tool for contactless measurement of antenna resonance frequency.