Receiver technology, weather and data services

Receiver technology, weather and data services

As a result of the extensive developments carried out by HKW to extend the use of AM modulated long wave transmitter DCF77 and the 3 FSK-modulated transmitters DCF49, DCF39 and HGA22, by 2007 or 2009, data services were already being offered under the name METEOTIME and achieving good market acceptance.

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Via the systems Meteotime 1 (DCF77) or Meteotime 2 (DCF49, DCF39 and HGA22) additional information is transmitted embedded in the telegram structure of the original time services. Content, resolution and refresh rate of these data services are subject to the conditions the respective transmitter provides by default.

In this way the respective transmitters transmit i.e. weather forecast information for multiple days and for the coverage area.

In order to guarantee safe data transmission, the data is encrypted.

To make this data available in a customer-specific application, HKW offers various reception technology as a function-tested unit that implements the function block long-wave reception, signal demodulation, data decoding and decryption.

At an appropriately defined interface, the information is available to the customer for specific analysis and further processing.

We offer both modular solutions and various ferrite antennas for the installation of this functionality in your custom device as well as  compact design reception and analysis devices (WS-C), which are suitable for outdoor use and can be connected directly to your controller via defined interfaces.