HKW Company

About us

For over 20 years, HKW-Elektronik GmbH from the small village of Seebach, has enjoyed a worldwide reputation. It is internationally known especially for the processing of long-wave information. With the development of specific circuits or for example miniaturization in the field of clock technology, the founding team Reiner Häcker, Klaus Katzmann and Friedhelm Wieg and their experienced staff have positioned HKW in the market as a reliable service line developer for clock making technology. Despite its German roots, the team understands not only the long-wave signal DCF77 in its home country, it is familiar with all the world's existing systems, whether they are called MSF, WWVB, JJY or BPC.

This expertise is reflected not least in long-term partnerships for hardware and software development and in an intense relationship with a satisfied customer base. Consumers of HKW products or services are not just buying a service. They are buying innovation. Technology, for example, exploits long-wave systems and breaks through the boundaries of what is possible again and again to get more out of this traditional transmission channel. Thus, HKW and its new partner EFR are currently active in the development and distribution of broadcast radio systems. With us as the development specialists and EFR as providers, we have the ability to create new products and services for industry and consumers.

Likewise, many other HKW solutions appear forward looking: extremely efficient electronic devices not only save electricity, they often provide location-independent battery operation for devices which previously required a power supply. Other electronic designs impress with their outstanding robustness and  immunity to interference.

But it is not only the development of new solutions that HKW and its affiliated partner companies offer their clients. If requested, HKW undertakes the complete organization of production for its customers and also provides appropriate measuring and testing technology. Thus, high quality products are developed that penetrate the market.