Radio Clock Movement

W718 movement

HKW continues the tradition of the W718 clock movement with extra strong torque which has been used successfully for years. This multi-motor movement provides the basis for installing radio wall clocks with a dial diameter of up to 50 or 60cm or 1-sided or multi-sided outdoor radio clocks with similar sized dial dimensions. The maximum size of the hands depends on their calibration.
 Due to the individual control of each hand shaft, the 3V movement is characterized by a rapid adjustment speed of the hand to the decoded radio time.
The possible movement configurations include:

  • 2 hand movements (hrs/min) or 3 hands movements (hrs/min/sec)
  • long hand shaft version (second hand 26mm) for hands with screw chuck or short hand shafts (second hand 15mm) for plug-in hands
  • Configured with battery compartment (2x R20 or 2x R14) or without battery (to power supply)
  • With attached ferrite rod antenna and jack for optional connection to a remote receiving unit.